Process automation

We put our expertise and vast knowledge into the following processes:

Process automation

Identification of suitable industrial equipment (from raw materials to power). - Logic function programming with block and descriptive diagrams for procedures including arming, disarming and securing the entire system, in addition to control and regulation loops. - Basic engineering (load lists, equipment lists, P&ID process layouts). - Detailed engineering (cable lists with CEI64-08 sizing or other international standard, electrical equipment layouts, connection field diagrams, route cable layouts, equipment data sheets etc.).

Industrial control systems

Fulfilment of electrical power distribution systems (tertiary sector, offices, hospitals etc., with currents up to 3000A). - Design and manufacture of automation frameworks for U.T.A, thermo-regulation, cold storage, tertiary automation (lighting and climate controls, video surveillance etc.). - Design and implementation of switchboards for motor starters, in form 1, fixed drawers and MCC pull-out units.

Air treatment

Design and manufacture of electrostatic precipitator control panels (with voltages up to 110KV and 1600mA). - Design and implementation of filter bag control and automation switchboards (with concentrations up to 1M Nm ^ 3/h). - Design and manufacture of DeNOx plants with liquid, diluted, concentrated or granulated urea, ammonia and other catalysts. - Design and implementation of dispensers and SOx-neutralising micro dispensers (hydrated lime or bicarbonate). - Design and implementation of dispensers and dioxin-neutralising micro dispensers (Sorbacal or activated carbon with lime).

PLC and SCADA automation

Design and execution of process automation frameworks with PLC or programmable controllers. - Industrial fieldbus network design (Modbus, Profibus, ETH, CANopen etc.). - Design and construction of communication bridges for various protocols (in collaboration with the Faculty of Telecommunications Engineering, University of Siena). - Development of custom electronics boards for various industrial applications, from microcontrollers to power electronics (static converters). - Implementation of supervisory and remote control interfaces and process control.
Renewable resources

Creation of solar and wind energy storage systems. – Energy generation from renewable sources and waste heat. - Production of hybrid plants (photovoltaic/thermal). - Creation of photovoltaic pumping systems with frequency variations.